The California Regional Common Ground Alliance (CARCGA) is a a member-driven corporation dedicated to ensuring public safety, environmental protection, and integrity of underground services. CARCGA is a Regional Partner of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA). Through the effective promotion of CGA’s damage prevention best practices, CARGCA boasts participation from a variety of stakeholders including but not limited to utility operators and professional excavators.

Mission Statement

CARCGA’s mission is:

  • Encouraging stakeholders to accept and fulfill their shared responsibility in damage prevention;
  • Welcome all stakeholders within our region and encourage their participation on this committee;
  • Educate both committee members and non-members regarding CGA's Best Practices;
  • Identify issues concerning damage prevention within our region and attempt to construct practices to resolve them;
  • Exchange ideas and information with other Regional Partner CGA Committees.

When a new damage prevention practice is created, CARCGA may forward the practice onto the appropriate CGA Committee for their consideration as a best practice.

Vision Statement

CARCGA's efforts in damage prevention will help eliminate damages to underground facilities, interruption to vital services, safety risks, accidents and fatalities.
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